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At £8,500 this is supurb value. The Garmin GNS 530W represents the single biggest idea in integrated avionics in years. Traditionally it would take a host of components to provide the capabilities represented in this one sophisticated box. It is a WAAS IFR GPS, com, VOR, LOC and glideslope with colour moving map and MFD capabilities all rolled into one. 

At the centre of the system is Garmin's own PhaseTrac 12 GPS-twelve parallel channel WAAS GPS receiver. A TSO'd VHF comm offers a choice of 25kHZ or 8.33kHZ spacing for 760 or 3040 channel configuration respectively. A huge Jeppesen database (which can be updated with front loading data cards) contains all airports, VOR's, NDB's, Intersections, FSS, Approach, SID's/STAR's and SUA information. The GNS 530W makes practical use of this information with features like intelligent frequency nominating. 

The GNS 530W's intuitive software and logical layout prove that this is a system built for pilots, by pilots. So much information. So easy to use. The GNS 530W. It'll change the way you look at avionics. 

The brilliant colours of the GNS 530W's 5" display make the pilot critical information easy to read and interpret. It's especially true of the 530W's basemap. You enjoy enhanced situational awareness by seeing your position relative to cities, highways, railways, rivers, lakes and coastlines. But even more importantly, the appropriate use of colour separates land, data, terminal areas, route and approach information for easy pilot canning and reduced pilot workload. Simply put, the GNS 530W incorporates advanced procedure types usually found only in high-end FMS systems.

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